Thank you all for your kind words!!!!!




WOW!!! MARIAN, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics. I can't believe how cute my daughter turned out. I did not see any of those pics being taken, so I was REALLY surprised to see how adorable they turned out. The ones of my son are just as wonderful. Now the hard part is choosing which ones for our xmas cards and which ones we are going to put up on our wall in the hallway. THANK YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!

--- Jenny


Thank you for taking the best family photos I've ever seen! Really, the kids look great, and I look so good that I don't even recognize myself! It's magic! Cliff, as always, looks good...barf! I'm so thankful to you, Marian! I'll cherish them forever. Now, I have to find time to post them.

--- Joanne


Hi Marian, wow! You got some really great shots of us (and we know it wasn't easy with our little wigggle worms)! Thank you so much! Loved what you did with the different colors/tones. We're really happy with the results and will absolutely recommend you to our friends around town.


-- Cheryl


I really appreciate your patience, both of my kids are super hard to convince to look at the camera and pose with a "natural" smile but somehow you worked your magic and it looks like it was an easy photo shoot! (if people only knew what it took to take those pics! he-heee).

--- Karina


Today I picked up two canvas prints that I ordered from Costco..... they are amazingly beautiful!!!! Your pictures are officially all over my house now!!! Thank you!!!!!

--- Karina


Just looked at the photos and I LOVE them! You did such a great job and captured some truly special moments for our family Christmas pictures. We had so much fun and I love the ones you chose as have such a good eye!

--- Julie


I love the photos!! No idea how you managed to get so many good ones!! We were totally IMPOSSIBLE to work with . Good job, you are a true professional!

--- Kim


LOVE our pics! The pic that I put on my profile is one of the best couple pics that we've EVER had!! I'm definitely framing that one! Thanks so much!"

--- Mariel


THANK YOU for the amazing pictures! You really did a great job! In a rush, I submitted my daughters photos to a few agencies online and yesterday she got picked up by one. With regards to your pictures, the agent sid "Fabulous submission!!!!" :)

--- Andi